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 Did you know that the first slot machine was invented in 1895? I bet you didn't! The slot machine days of reel strips of playing cards and lemons, cherries and bell fruit gums scrolling has transformed into a new virtual era. The online slot machine craze has revolutionized the Industry. They are probably the most popular casino game, these days.
Today you don't have to travel to Vegas to hit three buttons and pull the handle.
No more annoying loud bells ringing and annoying  people hovering over your machine, watching over your shoulder, waiting to grab it once you leave. I remember back in the day when my parents planned a trip to Vegas .It became this whole big ordeal. Just preparing took a few weeks. By the time they arrived in Vegas they were exhausted. What a way to start a vacation. Although, tired my parents headed down to the casino in hopes of lifting there spirits, or pockets. Although they had some wins, it certainly would have been a more profitable gain had they had the opportunity to stay at home and play online, eliminating the aggravation and cost of the trip. As humans we tend to imagine things and create unrealistic ideas. The planning and strenuous preparations for that long trip to Vegas that didn't even guarantee a win made you just dream about bringing Vegas into your own home. Determined we were, we did. That slot machine that you liked is now only a few steps from your own supply of snacks and cold beer. Wow, your favourite bites in your comfortable recliner and playing for big bucks. It can't get any better.

Slot machines have gone through many face-lifts. Surgically planting new rich graphics and musical tunes. Now you'll be singing your way to fortune. Monopoly and wheel of fortune are but a few, of many games you'll find. Not to mention video games that have become a whole new exciting phenomenon.
With such an advance in technology new rules and guidelines have changed too.
Slot machine betting produces most of the casinos revenue. So it is important to be one step ahead of the game. Know how to manage your wagers and select slots that fit you. There are three categories of slot machines, basic slots, progressive slots, and bonus video slots. The basic slots better known as the three reel wonders that have a single payline, or the diamonds and red, white and blue 7´s,are great games for getting started. Progressive slots are different. They are run by an ever-growing jackpot. Bonus video slots on the other hand, offer side bonuses while your still playing the game. This can raise your winnings and rise your wagering. It has become more popular then ever. However, it is important to take your time and know what your doing. In no Time you'll be “slot savvy”, You'll find people calling you Mr. Big buck. Kind of catchy, huh? Remember Pac-man gobbling all those chips, well now it's your turn. So step aside Pac-man because I am coming through, big time
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