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Las Vegas casinos are stepping up their efforts to enter into the online gambling market.
They face two major hurdles: (a) how to put together an online operation (b) how to deal with U.S. legal restrictions pertaining to illegal online gambling.
U.S. gaming companies are vulnerable since most virtual players are from the U.S...
These companies have to develop a technology that keeps Americans from illegal gambling practices.
MGM Mirage, owner of Las Vegas's well known casinos, has embraced the challenge to protect casinos from illegal gambling practices.
They have set up a site on the Isle of Man where U.S. citizens can "play-for-fun." Players from certain European countries have the ability however to play "for real." Mirage has instituted a technology that can screen the locale of its players and limit access to gambling on line where prohibited.
Also, underage limitations are also taken into consideration.

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